Alecxih Group provides consulting services including strategies for upskilling and reskilling adult learners, developing a talent pipeline, financial aid strategy assessment, emergency aid program development, operational and administrative review, fundraising strategies, and meeting facilitation.

Our clients include educational institutions, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, private companies, and high-wealth donors.

Financial Aid Strategies:

Financial aid is increasingly the deciding factor of college choice. With the high cost of college relative to the wages a student will receive, institutions have more pressure to personalize their financial aid packages according to the needs of their students. Understanding the tipping point of aid types and the combination of aid along the pathway from entry to graduation increases completion rates.

Emergency Aid Programs:

Unexpected emergencies can derail students from completing their degree.  Many students stop out of college due to a small financial challenge. Colleges need to be prepared to bridge the gap. Emergency Aid programs have a high ROI relative to completion rates.

Operational Assessment:

Operations is the foundation for success in any business.  Finding the balance between high-tech and high-touch reduces administrative burden and frees staff to do the critical thinking and relationship building.  An operational assessment can provide the steps needed to successfully achieve that balance by planning the activities that contribute to the overall goals of the organization.

Scholarship Program Development

Scholarships contribute to student success by reducing financial stress and allowing for more financial flexibility. Donors are now looking to give back to society through the development of personalized scholarship programs. We help design the program, the strategy, the expected outcomes, and the desired impact.

Meeting Facilitation

Given the complexity of discussions needed in a changing landscape, facilitation can be the difference between success and stagnation. We know that meetings are a necessary part of any organization. They give stakeholders a chance to share information, to reach decisions and to move forward with agendas. However, too often meetings are ineffective due to differing opinions. A third-party unbiased facilitator can turn around the style of the meeting and move the agenda forward successfully.

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